Heart, Hand, Mind Inspired

As a Professor of Biology in Neuroscience I have taken an interesting pathway to bring creativity to life. I was raised in a household with an engineer and an artist for parents and I was heavily influenced by both. With some instruction from my mother and uncle decades ago, I am otherwise entirely self trained. I began painting and drawing at a very early age and explored bringing images to life using many media. I have always been fascinated by treasure, history, and the messages carried forward by artistic expression.

For years I worked in oils, charcoal and pen and ink. Then I began carving wood and sculpting stone to explore three dimensional aspects off my visualizations. In this I became driven by several themes, nature and organic forms inspired by the Art Nouveau period and my strong Celtic heritage.

The metal and stonework was a natural step forward. My first love is hand engraving, followed closely by chasing and repousse. These techniques let me explore dimensional forms and symbols in metals and adornment.

For engraving I use sharpened steel points (gravers) to sculpt the metal by hand, often I draw directly upon the metal to produce my designs. In all of my work you will see a part of me.