Artist Statement

MeWorkingI began an artistic path years ago after receiving encouragement from my mother. I would watch her paint, barely able to see above the table to the easel as she rendered portraits and landscapes. For a time, I worked in oils, charcoal, pen and ink, but the two dimensional did not make my heart sing. After about 40 years I discovered wood and stone carving/sculpture and began my journey with three dimensions in my expression.

My inspiration derives largely from the natural world and a strong Celtic heritage. In my science training I have picked up a deep appreciation for the properties of materials, metal, stone, crystal. Each of these changes character as it is subjected to force and shear, cold and heat. Moving from malleable to brittle and back again. Some of my work releases an idea from within the material, whereas some renders my ideas tangible in the material chosen.

I use sterling silver, fine silver, gold, copper, brass, bronze to create my pieces. Each is made individually, by me, by hand.

This work brings me joy and let's me celebrate creation.